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UR West and Central Africa


Understanding Risk West and Central Africa: Opening ceremony and Ignite sessions

Plenary Session 1 | Financial planning for a rainy day: using risk informations to build smart solutions

Plenary Session 2 | Digital skills and youth toward a resilient society

Session 1 | Urban Flood Risk Modeling: Methods and Applications

Session 2 | Participatory approaches and gender mainstreaming in disaster risk management and urban resilience

Session 3 | Better waste management and cleaner cities in Africa

Session 4 | A Journey through Open Cities: how 12 cities have built skills and open data for urban resilience

Session 5 | Artificial Intelligence for Mapping and Urban Monitoring

Closing Remarks


Integrated Water Resource Management in the Volta River Basin: Challenges and Opportunities

Collaborative mapping for disaster preparedness in Uganda

Lessons Learned from Resilience-Building in Greater Accra, Ghana

Disaster risk financing: what we can learn from Northern Uganda’s experience

How students are using mobile apps to build transport resilience in Sierra Leone

A youth-developed smart ticketing mobile app for transportation in Sierra Leone

Why resilient transport matters: a perspective from Kinshasa, DRC

Nature-based solutions for resilience in West and Central Africa

How public-private partnerships can drive hydromet development in West and Central Africa

The case for gender inclusion in mapping for resilience efforts in West and Central Africa