Monday 28 November | Opening Ceremony
18.30 – 21.30

  • Opening Ceremony: Johannes Zutt, Country Director for Brazil, World Bank 
  • Keynote 
  • Ignites 
  • Cocktail Reception 

Tuesday 29 November | Parallel Sessions

Disruptive Technologies, Hydromet, Games for Resilience, Risk Communication, Risk Analytics

  • PARATUS: Promoting Disaster Preparedness and Resilience 
  • Chat-O. AI-Based Conversational Bot to Support Decision-Making in El Salvador 
  • NASA Session 
  • Towards a More Equitable, Disaster-Resilient Future 
  • Hydromet Session   
  • Disruptive Technology for Resilient and Sustainable Development 


Data & AI, Hydromet, Inclusive DRM, Health, Disaster Risk Financing, Urban Resilience, Disruptive Technologies, Early Warning Systems 

  • Live Stream from the London Satellite 
  • Building a Culture of Preparedness 
  • IEG: What Next for Disaster Risk Reduction at the World Bank? 
  • What Next for Disaster Risk Reduction at the World Bank? 
  • Extreme Heat in Cities: From Assessment to Action 
  • Design Principles for Disaster Alerting 
  • Preparing Health Systems for the New Age of Shocks 


Adaptive Social Protection, Art & Innovation, Games for Resilience

  • Adaptive Social Protection and Disaster Risk Management: Case Studies 
  • Investing in a More Resilient Central America 
  • Can Music and Cooking Help us Reduce Disaster Risk and Climate Action? 
  • When Is “Early Enough” for Effective Anticipatory Action for Flooding?  


Resilient Recovery, Nature-Based Solutions, Building regulations, Risk Analytics

  • How to Strengthen Social Capital in the Caribbean? 
  • Engie Brasil Session 
  • Working Together – Regional, National and Local Action in the Amazon 
  • Towards Safer Built Environment: Risk-Informed Policy Making 
  • Understanding, Assessing and Managing Systemic Risk 

Wednesday 30 November | Parallel Sessions

Resilient Recovery, Cultural Heritage, Games 4 Resilience, Coastal Resilience

  • Live Stream from the Niamey Satellite 
  • Connecting the Dots on Multi Hazard Risk Management  
  • Virtual Disaster Response and Recovery Strategies 
  • Hurricane Hurry: Can you Protect your Country’s Finances in a Crisis? 
  • From Models to Mangroves: Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Resilience 
  • Learning from Old Tides to Ride Future Waves  


Urban Resilience, Disaster Risk Financing, Resilient Infrastructure, Earth Observation, Coastal Resilience, Risk Analytics

  • Urban Food Resilience: New Risks, New Technologies, New Opportunities 
  • 360 Degree View of Inclusive Insurance and the Linkages with Social Protection Mechanisms 
  • Remaining Connected: Building Resilience in the Transport Sector, Public Sector 
  • Digital Earth Partnership: how to Make Earth Observation for the Vulnerable? 
  • Innovative Approaches to Improve the Resilience of Coastal Communities 
  • Risk Analytics Session 


Disaster Risk Financing, Urban Resilience, Disruptive Technologies, Risk Analytics, Resilient Infrastructure 

  • How Much is Enough? Experiences from Small Island Developing States (SIDS) 
  • A Handbook for Urban Flood Risk Knowledge and Assessments 
  • Remaining Connected: Building Resilience in the Transport Sector, Private Sector 
  • Resilience through the AWS Cloud 
  • Simplifying Decisions with Indices