Organization: Caribbean Development Bank

Session Lead: Paul Saunders

Time: 11:45-13:00

Abstract: As per our mission statement, the CDB intends to be the leading catalyst in the reduction of poverty through the inclusive and sustainable development of our Member Countries. One of the Strategic Objectives is Supporting Inclusive and Sustainable Growth and Development. Specifically we seek to promote environmental sustainability inclusive of climate change resilience, environmental management and disaster risk management.  The session will showcase the work of the CDB in the field of disaster risk reduction  and share presentations around best practices and knowledge sharing based on projects implemented by the Bank, and in particular any innovations that could assist / facilitate disaster risk management practices within the region. Presentations will include  DRM and climate resilience projects being undertaken in our BMCs and by CDB staffers under the thematic areas of : Community Engagement/ Coastal Protection/ Urban Resilience / Fiscal Resilience/ Hydro Meteorological and Early Warning Services.  We will feature our work in developing community engagement methodologies and policies and programmes and our Urban Resilience Strategy.

See Presentation Below: