Organization: CDEMA

Session Lead: Andrea Grosvenor

Time: 10:15-11:30 AM

Description: Following the devastating 2017 events, CDEMA in collaboration with partners proposed a Pathway to Resilience for the Caribbean emerging from RP19 in Cartagena (June 2018) and presented this to the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community in July 2018. The Agency has been mandated to further develop this conceptual framework which is believed can be beneficial for the Caribbean and all SIDS. Five Pillars of Resilience have been identified. Against the region’s hazard exposure, this session will seek to explore specifically three (3) of these pillars in a more in-depth manner. These are (i) Social Protection for the Marginal and the Most Vulnerable, (ii) Safeguarding Infrastructure, (iii) Enhancing Economic Opportunity. The engagement will provide a forum for exploring the most appropriate pathways towards building resilience in small islands states amidst the complexity of financial challenges faced and the realities of an adverse hazard environment coupled with the uncertainty of climate variability and change.

See Presentation Below: