Organization: OECS and ODI

Session Leads: Crispín d’Auvergne, OECS & Emily Wilkinson, ODI

Time: 11:40-12:55

Summary: Forecast-based early action (FbA) approaches have gained increasing traction with donors and humanitarian agencies as a means to provide earlier support to at-risk communities before a disaster strikes. The hope is that FbA will help to reduce or mitigate disaster impacts, decrease reliance on ad hoc, slow and costly humanitarian aid after a disaster, and make disaster risk reduction and management more effective. Further, FbA presents an opportunity to enhance planning, coordination and the reliability of funding for disasters. This session will discuss the key components of FbA already in place in the Caribbean [forecasting, action planning, financing and aid delivery systems] and the potential for these to be brought together in an innovative way to achieve these ambitious goals.

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